Domenic Filigno

CFO & Secretary

Mississauga, Canada

Mr. Filigno, age 55, has served as Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary of the Company since February 2015 following completion of the Amalgamation. Mr. Filigno served as a director of CGE Delaware from June 15, 2010 until the Amalgamation and its Chief Financial Officer from January 2013 until the Amalgamation. Between October 2005 and February 2015, Mr. Filigno held various positions at Unique Broadband Systems Ltd., a leading developer and manufacture of Digital Broadband Wireless products and systems, including in sales and engineering. He has over 30 years of satellite and broadband engineering experience having worked for some of Canada’s largest
companies such as Starchoice Communications Inc.; VDN Cable Inc. and Satellite Supply / Program Source. Mr. Filigno is not party to a written employment agreement with the Company. It is expected that Mr. Filigno will devote approximately 80% of his time to the business of the Company to effectively fulfill his duties as Chief Financial Officer and Corporate Secretary and Director.